Electoral Reform for Toronto

Today I introduced a Private Member’s Bill that would allow the City of Toronto to pass a by-law adopting an alternative voting system for the election of members of city council, including the mayor.

I have heard from many of you in Davenport inspired by the fantastic RaBIT campaign to reform our voting system in Toronto and recognize that a majority of Toronto Councillors asked the province for the legislative tools to move forward on this matter.

After months of working on this issue, I am pleased to show my support for this issue to give Toronto City Council the powers they need to move forward with electoral reform in our city.


See Press Release Below:

Empower Toronto to determine how it runs its own municipal elections: MPP Schein

QUEEN’S PARK  – Jonah Schein, MPP for Davenport, tabled legislation today to give the City of Toronto the right to choose how it holds its own municipal elections.

“My bill will give the City of Toronto the ability to determine how its mayor and councillors are elected,” said Schein. “Toronto City Council has been clear, they want to explore electoral reform, and my bill will give them the powers they need to proceed with changes they decide work best for the residents of our city.”

In June 2013, Toronto City Council asked the province for the legislative tools they need to reform their voting system.

“After working on it for months, the bill is ready to introduce in the legislature for debate,” said Schein. “It’s important that it pass quickly to empower the people and Council of Toronto.”

Toronto City Councillor Joe Mihevc said he was pleased with Schein’s bill.

“This bill will allow Toronto City Council to make our own decisions about how we want to proceed with electoral reform,” said Mihevc.