Protecting Ontario Tenants

Did you know that if you are a tenant living in one of Toronto’s many newer buildings, you may not be protected by the rent control guidelines in the Residential Tenancies Act?

If you rent an apartment building that was built after November 1991, or an apartment that was not a residential property before 1991, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.  If you are in this situation, the current laws in Ontario allow your landlord to arbitrarily raise your rent by any amount.

This issue was brought to my attention by residents in our community.  They are among the hundreds of tenants in Davenport and thousands across the province who live in newer buildings and factory conversions that are not protected by rent control laws.

Some of these residents are seeing their rents arbitrarily increased, and in some cases by arbitrarily large sums – far beyond what is allowed for other tenants. Some landlords could use this as a way to force out tenants who request simple maintenance repairs.

Obviously this has very serious consequences for tenants when their rent increases drastically from one month to the next. But this loophole in tenant protection is also inflating rents across our city and so it also has an impact right across Toronto and across the Province. Toronto is already an incredibly expensive city to live in and skyrocketing rental costs are creating a city where too many people are living on the edge, are being pushed out of our city, or are falling into poverty.

Fixing this simple loophole in the law will help protect tenants and help make housing more affordable and secure for thousands of Ontarians.

The Government of Ontario should take immediate action to close this unfair loophole and protect tenants in Ontario.

Sign the petition below if you agree this unfair loophole has to close to help protect tenants in Ontario.



Protect Ontario Tenants!



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